Wednesday, March 15, 2006

your wednesday one-liner(s).

i've got two of 'em for you today, because i love words and the way that people abuse them. courtesy, of course, of Overheard in New York.

Teen girl: Wait, what's the intifada? Wait, do any of you speak Spanish?

--F train

Girl: I think "y'all" is singular. "Y'alls" is plural.

--58th & 9th


somewaterytart said...

One of my favorites comes from a girl I knew in high school:
Girl 1: I don't eat beef.
Girl 2: Yes you do. We had tacos last night.
Girl 1: That wasn't beef. That was taco meat.

kate.d. said...

oh my goodness, that's a fun game - think of all the funny things people that i know have actually said that could qualify for overheard in new york.

SisterCat will probably immediately think of a classic proclamation from her best friend: "milk is an unnatural beverage."

we're still debating that one!