Tuesday, March 14, 2006

a public service announcement.

for those of you who, like myself, do not have the glorious opportunity to participate in an office pool for this year's NCAA tournament, fear not. your idle gambling propensities can still be satisfied.

toast is running a pool!

so if you're in the mood to obsess about college basketball for the next three weeks, or just in the mood to pick utah state to win it all and let the chips fall where they may, swing by his blog and follow the link to sign up. you can play for fun, or play for sum - it'll cost you ten bucks if the latter is the case.

me personally, i am still tweaking my brackets, so i will withhold most of my bold proclamations for a little while. i do have two things to say, though:

1 - boston college over duke in the final. sweet, sweet revenge.

2 - bradley over kansas in the first round. that's my upset. deal with it.


Toast said...

...Bringing the total of people picking BC to be in the Championship Game to.... one?

Toast said...

Just finished filling out my picks in one of the other pools I'm in.

B.C.'s "Sorry, But Thanks for Playing" moment comes in the Sweet Sixteen against 'Nova.

Wooo Hooo!!! I cannot wait for tomorrow. Welcome to the Big East Invitational.

kate.d. said...

you know, i've got a little soft spot in my heart for nova. i have a relative who's high up in the administration there...i think he's a priest too (sorry dad, i get all these rileys confused sometimes!). i almost applied there, but it was a little too far from home and a little too catholic :)

however, that soft spot will make it all the more difficult to watch BC beat them in the sweet sixteen, contrary to popular bracketology opinion.

somehow, i'll figure out a way to deal with it :)