Sunday, March 26, 2006

you know, i was having a good day.

a very good day, actually. slept in, read the sunday trib, went to the gym, then hung out on the couch and watched some basketball. around 3:00, BoyCat and i decide to be productive and make a grocery run to trader joe's. we pull back into the parking lot next to our apartment building, not 45 minutes later, to find a car in our parking space.

oh no you didn't.

but our eyes did not deceive - there's a freaking kia sephia parked in our space. now it's not like our unoffical space - it has a number, our permit has a number, it's ours. we pay $130 fucking dollars a month for the right to park in this little rectangle of cement. and MJW LAW1, according to the kia license plate, decided that they didn't care.

the car didn't have an apartment parking permit on it anywhere, so it's not a matter of someone else just taking their spot and them passing on the bad luck (which would be a dick move also, regardless). we have no earthly idea what made this illustrious lawyer decide our spot, at the back of a lot and up against a brick warehouse, was the most enticing. and honestly, i don't care what their reasoning is.

i called the fucking towing company, who are hopefully in the process of towing them right now. but it still means that we'll have to go down three flights, out through the courtyard, and behind the building a few times this evening to check and see whether the kia has finally abdicated the spot(one way or the other). in the meantime, our car is parked around the block with a visitor permit, and we'll have to go get it and move it back within 24 hours before the permit expires - hence having to do all the checking tonight.



karen gsteiger said...

Yeah, I'm in Chicago myself, so I know that you have to put the smackdown on that shit. If that happens again, cover the offending car with fishheads. Or something.

Toast said...

A Kia Sephia? You guys should have been able to just pick it up and toss it somewhere else, no?