Wednesday, February 01, 2006


so today, someone from the Citadel found my blog by googling "punishing kate." that disturbs me.

you know what else disturbs me? the way that Duke is starting to pull away from BC here in the end of the first half. the beginning of the game was actually really exciting, and BC was in it, and i thought "hey...this could work out."

wishful thinking is a sad and admirable thing.

i might not be posting as much in the next week or so, as i attempt to readjust to the commuting life. for the last 17 months i've been walking to work, and for the last five days i've been taking the train. i am slowly starting to remember all the things i so hated about commuting back in boston. i can't stand the dogfight to get on and off the train, i can't stand the creepy guys who look at you funny, i can't stand the people who screech incessantly into their cellphones, i can't stand the nausea of swaying slightly back and forth, back and forth, for 20 minutes. but do you know what i really, really, really hate? hate with a capital 'H'? hell, HATE in all capitals?

i hate the people who, when they get on a train with no more available seats and they know that there are people behind them also trying to get on, still stop two feet inside the door and set up shop along the handrail in the middle of the aisle. these people are scum. these people are the lowest of the low. these people can think of nothing but themselves, and should be kicked in the shins repeatedly until they fall down.

anyway, it's obvious from the above incoherencies (is that a word?) that overall i'm a little tired and disoriented. it's going to take me some time to absorb all this extra commuting effort into my days and still manage to formulate relevant thoughts. or full sentences. or both.

awww, they just showed gasson hall! i went there! go BC! try not to lose by 20....


Kate said...

I'm sorry other Kate. Good luck figuring out a way to manage the commute. Got an mp3 player?

Jared Goralnick said...

Good call, Kate #2. #1, you can join the geeky/trendy world and start grabbing podcasts. Hooray for NPR!

Or you could be even more skummy and be the one watching iPod videos who totally misses when the train stops and people are getting out. Yes, you could be that guy.

But I won't get you started. Good luck with the commute. I'll be respoding all I can to your blogs; I have all this time considering that I work from home (yawn).

Toast said...

Oh, I can see that this experience is sooooo wasted on you. I have always dreamed of being able to take the train into work, just like my dad did (in Boston) back in the day. Never had the pleasure of such an arrangement. Always the car for me.

BTW, regarding Duke, that's what those traitorous BC bastards get for jumping ship to the ACC. Of course, if they were still in the Big East, it'd just be UConn kicking their ass instead. So, six of one, half dozen the other, I guess...

kate.d. said...

i do have an mp3 player, and true, that does help. i need to get more songs on there though, because it has the capacity for 1,000 songs and i only have like 300 on there. during the process of loading the iPod up i realized how lame my music collection really is!

and toast, it's easy to romanticize taking the train - i admit, the idea is appealing. but i've come to discover that the practice is far from enjoyable. in a half full-car on a straight track, it's not half bad. when you're crammed in like sardines, and you've got no handrail, and there's a big curve ahead, it's fairly hellish.

and i'm not going to dignify the uconn comment :)