Friday, February 03, 2006

friday cat blogging, invalid edition.

CatCat owns this bed. we used to think that when she bothered us in the morning, it was because she was hungry, but really, it's because she wants us out of the way.

so CatCat went for her yearly check-up at the vet this week. $200 of shots and bloodwork later, we have discovered that she has chronic inflammation in her gums (kitty gingivitis). ok, doesn't sound so bad, right? that's what BoyCat thought as the vet was telling him about it, but then he noticed the serious look on the vet's face and then it was like, "oh shit." apparently, kitty gingivitis will eventually be really painful for CatCat, and she'll have difficulty eating. this will result in weight loss, and ultimately the deterioration will progress to the point that she has to have her teeth pulled.

yes, you heard that right - one day, we will be the proud owners of a toothless cat. and there is really no preventing it, unless the issue happens to be an allergy instead of an immune system problem, and if we can pinpoint what that allergy is. otherwise, we will give her antibiotics and steriods and dental cleanings...and she'll still eventually lose her teeth.

so, on valentine's day, CatCat and i have a date with the vet. there will be no dinner or presents, though, unless CatCat counts being put under general anethesia, having her teeth cleaned (and possibly pulled, if too decayed), and having a biopsy of her gums done as presents! somehow, i doubt she will be happy about the arrangement.

poor CatCat.


DancingFish said...

Awww, sorry to hear about CatCats' troubles. Hopefully the Valentines' date will be more informative for you guys and not too bad for her!

Kate said...

Hey you, I'm sorry to hear about CatCat's illness. My cat has a health problem too and I can understand how scary and hard it can be!

I know you love your little guy and that he knows it too. That's all that's important anyway.