Friday, January 27, 2006

immune system = hurting.

i am sickly. there's no getting around it. i have had three colds this winter alone, when i usually get one or two a year. my immune system is flailing about in confusion, wondering what's going on. my hunch: job stress.

so anyway, this will be brief. but i wanted to say two things.

1. this morning on the El, i sat across from a woman reading a million little pieces. i mean, i knew this phenomenon was going to happen, but seeing evidence right in front of my face was still startling. what is wrong with people? did you not watch oprah kick james frey's ass yesterday? (well, if you're in chicago, there's a good chance you didn't, since bush decided that would be a fine time to commandeer the airwaves and tell us shit that we already knew. but if you're crazy like me, you could have stayed up til midnight to watch the re-broadcast.)

2. the patching project worked (i think). the results will be final when they come out of their initial run through the washing machine this weekend. i remain quite hopeful.

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Jared Goralnick said...

Sorry about the stress and sickness.

I can't believe that book is still in print and will continue to sell. Boo for stupid authors and poor editors. Good thing Ope whipped their asses on TV!

So will we get to see these jeans after all this suspense? I think you ought to showcase your housewife skills, er ingenuity, on this blog o yours...