Wednesday, January 25, 2006

eat it, jacoby.

through another kate's blog, i found this great post at Pinko Feminist Hellcat about why people are leaving massachusetts in droves. contrary to jeff jacoby's howler-monkey screechings, it's not about gay marriage or liberalism. it's about dollars and cents.

this is a great post, as it manages not only to take on those who would make these ridiculous arguments like jacoby, but everyone who has decided to label all 20 and 30 somethings "slackers." sheelzebub asserts that we're actually not slackers, we're just trying to scrape together enough money to get by with some basic comforts of life, and maybe healthcare and a house someday if we're lucky.


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east side girl said...

I went and read this and agree completely--the lifestyle is nearly impossible to maintain when you're single, let alone if you have a family or want a real house/apartment, etc.

Actually, I pay LESS for my Manhattan apartment than I did for my Boston apartment.

Granted, it's half the size. But still.

A friend of mine once said that Boston has big city costs without the big city benefits--the trains stop running at 1 am. The bars close early. It's nearly impossible to get dinner after 11. And b/c of the way the city is laid out, you need a car, and buying/renting a parking space is incredibly expensive.

Can you tell I don't miss Boston?