Wednesday, January 25, 2006

end of an era.

if almost eighteen months can be considered an era. yesterday, we finished packing up nonprofitland's old office, and today around noon i will head to the new office, where hopefully i will encounter all of the boxes i just packed up over the last week. that's the bitch about moving - you feel like you're finished when the last cardboard box is taped and labeled (though with house moves you might even have to load the truck and move the boxes too, but luckily here we're paying someone to do it), but you aren't! those boxes just rematerialize in a new place, to be unpacked and sorted through and organized. at least i get to wear jeans and sneakers today.

speaking of jeans: i also thought i should end the desperate suspense that i most certainly left you all in when i mentioned the latest transaction in the search for the Holy Grail. do you think i bought the $190 Seven jeans? oh, hell no, you know i didn't! not that they even fit. not that anything in that damn store fit. they had a wall of jeans that cost a ton of money! you'd think one pair would fit! but no, i think in retrospect i was actually less likely to find a pair that fit at the hip lincoln park denim bar. why? my theory: designers don't want girls who don't look like models wearing their jeans. now i am not a very big girl, but there is a definite curve factor - the waist to hip ratio is pretty serious. this apparently puts me out of the running for high-end jeans, as my hip size was pushing the limit of the sizes that they carried (they probably went three or four sizes higher, but these were waist sizes, 29, 30, 31, etc, and not the double sizes you find in regular ol' stores). and of course i wanted to bludgeon all the other little trixies in there, giggling about how "oh, i'm a 25. oh, i don't know, i love both these pairs, which one should i get? oh, maybe i'll just get them both!"

*grits teeth and walks out of the store empty handed.*

but anyway. i did buy a pair at the brown elephant for eight bucks (eight bucks!!) that actually seem to fit. jesus h. christ, it's too good to be true, right?? well, yes. because after i come out of the fitting room, i notice there's a five inch rip just to the left of one of the back pockets. shit! so close! so i decided, you know what, i'll just buy them, buy a two dollar iron on patch, and conjure my inner domestic goddess. if i succeed, voila, ten dollar jeans. if i fail, well, it was only ten bucks.

cross your fingers - if this works, i'll have a pair of jeans that fit and i won't subject you to this juvenile prattling about pants any longer!


dorothy rothschild said...

I love the seemingly exclusive to Chicagans use of the word "trixie."

Toast said...

Oh, please don't work! I don't know what I'd do if Jean Quest went off the air!

Mike said...

Well, thanks for the update, but with all the time I've known you, I'd have fallen down dead if you told me you spent $190 on a pair of jeans. Even I won't spend $190 on a pair of jeans, and I'm a shopaholic lunatic.
So good luck with the patch. Maybe you can expand your domestic goddess skills and make yourself a pair of jeans. I'll even buy you the demin.