Monday, January 23, 2006

a deluge of cardboard and packing tape.

ok, a few quick thoughts before i am overrun by moving supplies and am unable to reach the keyboard:

1. i was going to blog about the 33rd anniversary of roe v. wade this weekend, but it just got me too depressed. i am too depressed about too many things at this point to willingly put myself in a frame of mind to get more depressed, so i just didn't do it. i have slapped myself on the wrist with the "bad feminist" ruler, and now i am moving on. i'm sure i can work up a healthy dose of outrage about reproductive rights in the near future, but right now, i am sans angry energy. at least, as far as all that goes.

2. my search for the holy grail, a.k.a. a pair of jeans that fit, had some interesting ups and downs this weekend. i went from trying on $190 Seven jeans in lincoln park to $8 thrift-store-rack stuff in boystown. i purchased one pair. which one? i'm not telling yet! but the odyssey is not over, so more self-absorbed rambling about this soon.

3. go steelers!

4. i have managed to lose two winter hats in three weeks. i found one, and promptly lost another. this is my subconscious trying to tell me something, though i can't quite figure out what. kinda like the dream i had last night, where i had these weird barnacle-like growths on my legs. gross! in the dream, i was like, oh my god! why have i never noticed these before? why have i not freaked out about this before?? and then i woke up and thought, because you were only dreaming. so bizarre.

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east side girl said...

Go Steelers!

Have you tried Citizens of Humanity Jeans? They changed my life.