Tuesday, January 17, 2006

code red. this is serious. seriously serious.

ok, people, the jeans problem has just intensified exponentially.

is that scary enough language? i hope so. because i almost had a slight heart attack today when i laid down on my bed while wearing my one pair of good jeans, and noticed that the seam on my left hip looked a little funny. upon investigation with my index finger and thumb, it was discovered that there is actually A HOLE developing along the seam. about an inch of fabric was just receding from the stitching, having had enough of being part of a functional piece of clothing. i freaked out, yelled incoherent things for a few minutes, shook my hands like homer simpson, you know. then i realized i could just, you know, sew up the hole. but that is just a temporary band-aid on this ticking time-bomb of a situation.

because you know this is just the tip of the ice berg. i've been wearing these jeans for so long, and now that they're the only pair i own that actually fit and that i actually like, i wear them exclusively. so sooner or later, they are bound to start falling apart. i will stave off the inevitable for as long as i can with a needle and some navy blue thread, but there's only so much an incompetent seamstress can do.

to compound things, i went to the levi's store on monday, and guess what? they don't do the custom jeans thing anymore. so, even if i wanted to drop a buck fifty on a pair of jeans there, i couldn't. so, i tried on four different cuts in two sizes each, and still.....nothing. this jean hunt was slightly ridiculous before, but now? now that i've been to the levi's store (levi's! the original maker of jeans!) and still been unable to find a pair that fits, what next?


next up: i'm going to a place called The Blue Jeans Bar in lincoln park and, if i do buy a pair that fit, spend way to much money in order to possess them. i will keep you posted.


Toast said...

Two words: Sweat. Pants.

Hugo said...

It's always been tough for me to find jeans I really like. Then, I started wearing women's jeans (mostly from Lucky). Much happier now. What that says, God only knows.

Roni said...

You and Cinnamon should go shopping together. She has the same complaints about jean shopping. I must have a lower threshold for jeans.

jayniek said...

Jeans shopping causes me to question the world in which I live. It also makes me feel like a short abnormal mushroom.

Your rant made me feel like I am somebody again. Or that we are both losers. I thank you.

Cinnamon said...

For $160 you can get a pair of custom-made jeans from Plain Jane Custom designs. Here's a story about her: http://www.chicagofashionmagazine.com/ChicagoFashionPress/august2005/PlainJane.php3

She'll be moving to a new store a few blocks away in February.

While I'm notoriously cheap when it comes to buying clothes, I'm *this* close to plunking down what I'd prefer to spend on about 4-5 pairs of jeans just to get one pair that fits.

Not only do you get to pick out the fabric, the leg shape, the stitching style, etc. But she'll also size and shape and position the back pockets to make your tushy look the most attractive that it possibly can.

And I totally need to update my link pages. I suck, but I do read you.

kate.d. said...

cinnamon, you are my favorite person today. if i find nothing at this blue jeans bar place this weekend (or nothing under $180 freaking dollars) i might splurge and give plain jane a call.

what is it those l'oreal ads tell me, anyway? i'm worth it?

if they say it on tv, it must be true.