Tuesday, November 29, 2005

it's official.

i am obsessed with going to las vegas.

i don't know what has gotten into me. four years ago, i didn't have the slightest inclination to visit vegas. it seemed like one of those american vacations in which i had no real interest in partaking - like the grand canyon or niagara falls*. nothing against 'em, i'm sure they're nice, but no thanks.

then i went to a casino.

not even a super great casino, but a regular old connecticut indian reservation casino - mohegan sun, to be exact. and i was totally hooked. what a great way to spend a night! gamble a little, drink a little, eat dinner, drink a little more, gamble away the end of your allotted funds, and go back to your room, take a bath and go to bed. now, having experienced a pretty nice hotel-casino combination, i feel drawn to the mecca. i must go to vegas! i must drink a margarita at 10:00 am! i must double down on aces and eights! i must stay in a room with a marble tiled bathroom and high threadcount sheets!

so i'm spending entirely too much time on vegas.com lately, plotting out my hypothetical vacation at some hypothetical time next year. i've got to pull out my garage sale copy of "beat the dealer" and start brushing up now....

*come to think of it, when i did end up at niagara falls almost by accident (we were on the way to canada and had some time to kill - what the hell, i'll check out some falling water), i was actually really impressed. but i still maintain that i'd be bored to death by the grand canyon.


stark said...

If you go, you should learn how to play Craps beforehand. Craps is easily the most fun you can have in a casino, but the betting is kinda complicated so it helps to be a little familiar with it before you play.

Lola Mason said...

I must go to Vegas also! You must not go without me!! We'll drink cocktails while floating along the lazy river, see naked people doing acrobatics, eat fantastic food, gamble...ooh I love Vegas. I'll get Caitlin to come too and you won't even need that book!

kate.d. said...

oh christ, craps. i was on a cruise with BoyCat's family last year, and i lost 20 dollars in 30 seconds at the craps table :)

it's gonna take a lot of liquor to get me to belly up to that table again!

Toast said...

Couple of quick hits before I head off to a boring meeting:

Vegas is fucking awesome.

Mohegan Sun is a great casino. Far, far nicer than nearby Foxwoods.

I can understand not wanting to go to Disneyland or to a particular resort or whatever, but how can you not want to see Niagra Falls or the Grand Canyon?

kate.d. said...

toast, in sum, it is because nature and i just do not get along.

really, though, i did like niagara falls when i happened upon it, so i won't say anything with certainty!

stark said...

You don't get along with nature? That must make for an uncomfortable existence.