Sunday, November 16, 2008

it's that time.

so i haven't posted in like a month. that's bad. but if anything can induce me to log back into blogger, it is that advent of that glorious day - you know the one - my sister's birthday.

it's today, people. today.

i sadly could not be in boston to celebrate with her highness, which i have been lamenting the entire weekend as i hear about the fun that's been had - dinners, parties, drinks, cheap dollar store tiaras, seafood at brown's - i'm missing it all! goddamn jetblue and their lack of reasonable last-minute fares. the facebook pictures are a lame substitute for actually being there. so sister dearest, sorry i couldn't make it, and i hope you've had an amazing birthday weekend.

maybe i'll tag myself in all the pics and note "there in spirit" in parantheticals....that wouldn't be annoying at all, would it?



Toast said...

goddamn jetblue and their lack of reasonable last-minute fares.

It's an 8-hour drive, ya wuss.

Lola Mason said...

Oh I love birthday posts in my honor!! Thanks assface. Wish you could have been here, but don't forget that the dollar store tiara is a gift from you :) And it is a prominent feature in a number of my fb pics. Thanks again (for the tiara and the post...oh yeah and for being a fabulous sister).

PS-If your ass isn't here next year, I retract all of the above ;)