Wednesday, October 01, 2008

things i am doing. right now.

i'm watching the baseball game.

i'm drinking chai tea.

i'm refreshing toast's haloscan comments.

i'm talking to chemist about the mitten-shaped state.

i'm feeling remarkably cool air seeping in through the window unit by the couch.

i'm trying to stretch my shins, because they hurt.

i'm also noticing that my head hurts a bit too.

i'm pondering aspirin.

i'm hating this futon cover.

i'm hating the fact that i'm going on 30 and i still technically own a futon.

i'm hearing the downstairs neighbor's tv along with my own.

i'm wishing these fricking bug bites would heal.

i'm cursing, silently, because jason is sleeping.

i'm reminding myself to take out the trash and dust tomorrow.

i'm almost, i think, through with the day.

1 comment:

The Other Susan said...

I'll be 48 in a month and I just bought my first futon (counts as my first couch) ever--if you have a small apartment and you want to have friends spend the night, it is the only way to go.

At least if you live on the 3rd floor, that is. A convertible couch just would fit!

Not buying in to the consumer mentality is a good thing.