Friday, April 25, 2008

programming note

i've decided to quit using the Cat monikers here. i'm not really digging them anymore, in this new(ish) incarnation of the blog - i don't want to ditch the anonymity completely, but i also think that the Cat motif has pretty well run its course.
  • BoyCat's name is jason. you probably already knew that.
  • CatCat's name is dottie. her namesake is dorothy parker, but we mostly call her dottie. unless she is being bad. then we tend to break out the four high decibels. and sometimes, when i am in a strange mood, i decide to call her "dorrr-fie," in a sing-song voice, like 15 times in a row. ahem. anyway.
and as for the family:
  • MomCat's name she doesn't like it when i call her by her first name in life, so i won't do it here on the blog. you're welcome mom.
  • DadCat's name i'm just going to run with it.
  • SisterCat's name is..."my sister." i might substitute "j." if i i'm feeling wild and crazy. or just can't make the two-world alternative fit in the damn sentence. i can - surprisingly, i know! - get finicky like that.
it's been fun, Cat pseudonyms. see you in the archives.

1 comment:

Toast said...

I don't so much care about the others, but tell Jason he'll always be "BoyCat" to me. ;-)