Wednesday, January 02, 2008

mama pajama, et al.

so, in his generous propagation of the 2007 meme, toast noted that the song of 2007 for him is "Here It Goes Again" by Ok Go. he says it's the

Greatest video ever made and just a kick-ass tune. The kind of song I put on when I absolutely need to be happy Right Now.

this got me thinking, and during my commute today i pondered the question. what song would i put on if i needed to get happy right now? this seemed like the kind of information that could come in handy some day.

after hours (ok, numerous minutes) of deliberation, i have decided that that song for me is "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard" by Paul Simon.

(i have no idea what's up with the 30-second rap intro here - or the video in general, to be honest. but it's the only one of the original recording on youtube, and beggars can't be choosers.)

deep down, i think i really just want to be rosie, queen of corona. because whatever the hell that means, it sounds like it'd be a lot of fun.

so what's yours?


Toast said...

Awesome choice as well. In fact, I just went and bought it on iTunes.

Oh, and another entry for me: "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da".

Also, interesting fact: There was this folk singer who used to play every Wednesday night at a local bar Angelos and I used to frequent in college, and both "Me And Julio" and "Ob-La-Di" made an appearance on just about every weekly set list he did. That's probably where the "happy" connection comes in.

Cara said...

Does the b-side medley to Abbey Road count? It seems to be a matter of personal preference whether or not one feels that it counts as a "song" or not (generally, I would say no).

If not, I'm kind of stumped. I don't listen to a lot of happy music. But I'm pretty sure that it would be a Beatles song, still. Probably one of the early catchy ones like Help! or Hard Day's Night. Or maybe I Want to Hold Your Hand.

Oh! Oh! Nope, I Am The Walrus. Definitely.

I hope that you find my insistence on working through the whole thought process as I type and then not deleting the evidence to be endearing :)

Roni said...

Totally lame, but it's "Veronica" by Elvis Costello. No matter what mood I'm in, this song can get me smiling.

Anonymous said...

georgy girl. my grandma had the 45 (leftover from my aunts) and i listened to it a thousand times on the little record player when i was a kid.

true story.