Tuesday, December 04, 2007

weeknight update.

- my lips are very, very dry.

- my jeans have a small hole in the seam - right at the hip - that i need to sew, like, yesterday.

- work got unexpectedly insane this week.

- i actually have post-work plans for the next three nights.

- my eyes are very, very dry.

- my credit score went up today.

- my credit card balance still scares me.

- there is laundry hanging all over our bedroom - doorknobs, hamper, cd tower, wardrobe doors - and its kinda like a cotton-poly jungle.

- my cat enjoys attacking toy hedgehogs at four in the morning.

- my brain does not enjoy falling asleep at a reasonable hour.

- i'm sort of over keith olbermann.

- my iPod is almost full.

- the bathroom door doesn't stick from the humidity anymore.

- the DC library hates me.

- the holidays cannot come soon enough.


Anonymous said...

katie -- regarding your last point -- it is the first night of chanukah. happy chanuakah! the holidays are upon us! festival of lights! call your friend veronica!

your friend with whom you have friday afterwork plans

michelle said...

Yes, it's Chanukkah. Call your friend Michelle. Just kidding.