Friday, November 16, 2007

friday cat blogging, SisterCat edition.

as i'm sure you all know, since you've undoubtedly had this date marked on your calendars for weeks, today is SisterCat's birthday. regular readers of this blog know that i must take this opportunity to catalogue the imposing and wondrous greatness that is SisterCat. the problem is, i'm so exhausted from the insanity of this week that i'm a little fuzzy on the details of SisterCat's myriad accomplishments of the past year.

so, here is a list of things i think that SisterCat may have done in the past 365 days:

- brokered a nuclear disarmament agreement with north korea
- invaded north korea
- bought a pair of red, patent leather, four-inch peep-toe heels
- had a full-on conversation, including voiceovers, with her cat
- brought the stock market to its knees
- bravely pursued a new career
- bravely ditched a lot of other things that weren't working
- drank an entire bottle of wine herself
- convinced britney that performing at the VMAs was a great idea
- insulted someone who deserved it
- overextended herself for someone who deserved it
- purchased the Boston Celtics
- won a Pulitzer for investigative reporting
- broke glass
- laughed til she nearly choked
- coordinated a hostile takeover of a Fortune 500 company
- wrote Hillary's health care plan
- made someone miserable
- made someone's day
- made tough decisions
- made me proud

i think that about covers it. happy birthday, SisterCat!


jayniek said...

there's no way she talked to her cat; other than that, everything seems right on. happy birthday, SC!

Lola Mason said...

Thank you. Thank you. I love birthday posts! Well, really I just love posts about me. You should do more of that ;) Seriously, thanks for the this. It made me smile.