Friday, November 02, 2007

friday cat blogging, go cry emo kid edition.

poor CatCat. she's had a tough month. first a surgical procedure that left her with half of her teeth, and then a mysterious lip-related ailment that took two trips to the vet and a multitude of pill-down-the-throat episodes in order to even diagnose the actual problem.

which is rodent ulcer.

that's right! my cat has an ailment named after a rat. (my vet informed me yesterday that it has this colloquial name because people used to think that cats got it guessed it...eating rodents. but, luckily for us, this is not the case.) so now there's another week long pill-shoving regimen, at the end of which her lip should be back to normal for an unspecified amount of time. we apparently then just wait to see when, if ever, it flares up again.

CatCat says, great. just great.

poor kitteh.

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