Tuesday, October 16, 2007

i'll take potpourri for $200, alex.

ben affleck, out and about saying yes to unions. who knew? not me. and am i the only one who thinks that gone baby gone actually looks kinda good?

CatCat has a fat lip. we don't know why. as of this afternoon, our vet doesn't know why. the devil we know (that damn kitty gingivitis) has been vanquished, but for the moment has been replaced with the devil we don't. however, it doesn't seem to be bothering her much, so we're trying a variety of cockamamie avenues (as recommended by our vet, so they must be decent ideas, right?) to cure her of this perpetually pouty countenance.

anne enright won the booker prize - the book looks great, and i really enjoyed what are you like?, so i can only hope it doesn't take me a year and half to get the new one from the DC library.

my eyes don't get enough oxygen. i paid $60 for an eye exam to acquire this knowledge. and then $35 for a one-inch tall bottle of eye drops to get rid of irritation from said lack of oxygen. and, next week, i get really lucky, having the chance to spend who knows how much on all new contacts, since the four boxes that i still have in the medicine cabinet are now no good! can you sense my excitement??

my parents are coming this weekend.

the sox game is on in two minutes.

and so on.


jayniek said...

dude, don't believe that lack of oxygen crap. the eye doctor tried to pull that with me and i punched him right in the jaw.

i still have my old unoxygenated acuvue 2s, and they're doing just fine. I don't think they're banned until like 2009. until then, i will unoxygenatedly use them proudly.

or maybe you should listen to the doc; if you go blind, i am not to be held accountable.

Toast said...

and am i the only one who thinks that gone baby gone actually looks kinda good?

If it's half as good as the book, it should be outstanding. The five books in LeHane's Kenzie and Genarro series rank up their with the most enjoyable books I've ever read.