Wednesday, September 12, 2007

your wednesday one-liner.

according to everything i read on Overheard in New York, they are really not paying these guys enough.*

Police dispatch: Mister Nipple is at it again, Midtown.


*well, that's not exactly true. they pay them pretty darn well. of the list of new york municipal employees who are underpaid, i don't think cops are too high up there. not that they don't do a great public service when they subdue mister nipple, of course...


susanne said...

This got me curious so I looked. They don't pay them enough. I knew that rookie pay was pitiful (they slashed the salary a couple of years ago, and there was a big stink, but not enough to change anything), but didn't realize how bad the salaries were in general. Oy.

From the NYPD web site:

Start receiving full pay and benefits from your first day of recruit training ($25,100 per annum). Upon the completion of the Police Academy (six months), your annual salary increases to $32,700. Salaries will continue to increase every year and upon completion of 5½ years of service, base salary will increase to $59,588. In addition to these base salaries, there is overtime earning, holiday pay, night differential and uniform allowance.

Not really that much (even after 5 and half years on the force), especially for NYC, and especially for NYC if you have a family.

I cringe to think about Mr. Nipple. Unfortunately, I can imagine quite well how he got the nickname.

kate.d. said...

true, the post-police academy salary isn't much for NYC. however, two thoughts -

1) i kinda think a 60K base salary within five years is pretty darn good (then again, i work in non-profits!). granted, NYC is crazy, but also (as it should be, of course) the longer you stay on the force, the better you'll make out - prime details, overtime gigs, etc.

2) i think that NYC cops aren't required to live in the city proper? which, while somewhat inconvenient, can help defray cost of living a bit. my cousin's boyfriend just graduated the academy, and is living out in long island i think?

since when did i get this interested in municipal jobs?? i have no idea :)

Lola Mason said...

They do have to live in 1 of the 5 boroughs. Said cousin's boyfriend is not on LI, now that he is on the force :)

kate.d. said...

ah. schooled again.

yeah, the residency thing does make the salary a wee bit, um, lacking. especially given mister nipple!