Sunday, September 30, 2007

things that i like.

1. late september weekends with clear skies and mid to high 70s temps.

2. wine.

3. open windows and ceiling fans.

4. scrabble. when played at a leisurely pace and with decent amounts of wine.

5. half-toothless CatCat.

6. clean laundry.

7. the new bionic woman show. (dude - it is good. watch it).

8. wine.

9. weekends with no itineraries whatsoever.

10. wine.


Toast said...

I thought the premiere of Bionic Woman sucked. Hoping it gets better in week 2, but wow, that lead actress is terrible.

kate.d. said...

yeah, her acting skills aren't award winning by any means. i guess i'm more interested in the whole premise of the show, the "who's good, who's bad", corporate ownership issues, the question of consent, etc etc.

plus, i never underestimate the value of a woman who can kick ass on tv :)

who knows if they can really go somewhere with it all, but i'm willing to wait and see.

(oh, and also - miguel ferrer! love him. he was one of the best parts of twin peaks, for certain.)

barb h said...

wow I just totally got an image of my future life in DC with from that list. I can't wait to get there!!