Sunday, September 09, 2007

running update.

so, one month down and one month to go until my 5K run at the annual AIDS Walk here in DC. i like to think that i'm doing pretty well, because a) i've actually been getting my lazy ass out of bed in the morning at least two to three times a week to run, and b) because i can now actually run the 3.1 miles straight through without deciding, at some point, that "this seems like a good time to walk a little." now i'm going to spend the next few weeks really trying to push myself to improve my time - at this point, i'm really only able to keep up with the septuagenarians shuffling along the mall. (sadly, i'm only somewhat exaggerating here - it's definitely not just the army recruits and serious runners out there who are overtaking me. many an old man with pulled-up knee socks has breezed past during my morning outings.)

what i need - MomCat, as a pretty regular runner herself, has told me this repeatedly - is a cheap digital watch in order to start really keeping track of my time. up until now, i've either ignored the fact completely (hey i finished! i have no idea when i started, or when i stopped, but wheeee, who cares??) or used the clock on my iPod as a half-ass calculation of how well i did. i'm going to try to improve upon these two (admittedly lacking) techniques soon.

i would tell you what my iPod says my time is, but it's too embarrassing. however, i do promise to tell you all my official finishing time from the actual run in october. deal? deal.

and don't forget: if you are so inclined, you can follow this link to visit my AIDS Walk web page and help me in my efforts to support the whitman-walker clinic. thank you so much to everyone who has already donated - it truly does help to know that everyone is behind me when that blasted alarm goes off at 6:30 am and i have to lace up my sneakers and get out there again.


Toast said...

The mere fact that you can successfully run 3.1 miles fills me with joy for you.

Go Kate!!!

Cara said...

Dude, the idea of being able to run 3.1 miles without stopping is just MIND BOGGLING to me. I'm impressed. You rock!