Friday, September 28, 2007


hey, so i switched over to the customizable version of blogger (baby steps, people, baby steps) and for some reason, i cannot figure out how to make my post titles not be links. i was futzing around with post spacing, and then noticed that my post titles were underlined. wtf? then i realized they were hyperlinked. double wtf?

anyway. who knows how it ended up that way, but if anyone knows how to go into the html section (xml? i can't keep track) and fix it, lemme know. or else i'll have to bug BoyCat about it when he gets home (that wealth of online communications knowledge) tomorrow, and i'm sure that the first thing he hears when he walks in the door to be "honey, how do you de-link a post title in blogger??"

spare BoyCat such inanity. help me out.


Toast said...

I'm sure there's a way to change the styling of post titles so they don't show up as underlined, but why change the linking part? That's actually a very convenient feature.

kate.d. said...

you're right, i'd be fine with leaving them linked - but if it's a choice btwn getting rid of that damn underlining and just having the permalink at the bottom, i'll take the latter.

for some reason, that underlining is driving me a little batty!

Cara said...

I definitely prefer hyperlinked titles. I bet you anything that the underlining has to do with your template, though. Some templates underline links, some don't.