Wednesday, September 26, 2007

at the risk of creating a little blog echo chamber...

if you're not coming here from ann's post at feministing about the ongoing problem of untested rape kits, well, go check it out.

i read the story in today's chicago tribune, and it made me feel a little sick. harvey, illinois - a town just outside chicago that's 80% african-american and has a median household income of only about $30,000 - undeniably has its fair share of trouble and strife. then you add this kind of indignity, of mistreatment and disregard? as ann points out, the problem of untested rape kits is often a broader issue of the lack of funds and resources, but even that speaks to a baseline of neglect. you know - police work has its priorities, ladies, and you're not very high on the list.

throw another tragedy on the pile.

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