Tuesday, August 21, 2007

toddlers and scissors. and no, i'm not in jail for homicide (miraculously).

i'm back.

my streak of good flying luck ended abruptly last night, as we sat on a plane at manchester airport, out on the runway, engines going, when the pilot informed us that there was a ground stop in baltimore - we'd have to wait.

two hours, one trip back to the gate, one minuscule packet of peanuts, and an uncountable number of manic, high-decibel recitations of The ABCs (with concomitant kicking of the seats) by the toddlers behind us later, we were actually taking off.

and they didn't even offer us complimentary booze. fuck you too, southwest.

but we made it. crashed into bed soon after ascertaining that CatCat was still alive and kicking, got up in the morning, and went back to work.

then, nine hours later, i went to the salon and chopped all my hair off. what?? yes. and i have (um, i mean had) a lot of hair. a good 10 or so inches are being shipped off to Beautiful Lengths, a charity sponsored by Pantene that provides wigs free of charge to women with cancer.

and now, my neck, it is free! i've got myself a nice little deconstructed bob, if i do say so myself. i wish the front pieces were a tad longer, but my hair grows fast, so i just need to give it, oh, ten days or so to come around. SisterCat had a number of philosophical qualms with the shearing of so much hair, but such is life. she can't be right all the time (at least, according to me she can't)! and anyway, there's something cathartic about shucking off all that dead weight. if only all those other kinds of burdens came off as easily between the blades of some silver scissors.

but for now, i'll take it.


Hooker said...

Shoulda made a mullet.

Roni said...

You can't tell us you cut off your hair without a picture!! Don't be mean like that. *pout*

Jared Goralnick said...

wow. this i can't wait to see.

kate.d. said...

ah, hooker, you set the bar way too high on that one. i would've just been that girl copying that guy who made dooce laugh.

and roni, i'll send you a pic :)