Saturday, August 11, 2007

oh dear.

i knew this day would come.

it was only a matter of time before the biggest monster of all my 80s fashion nightmares rose up and reared its ugly head in the light of day. or dim artificial light of night, as it were.

last night, we were out at the black cat celebrating a friend's birthday. we were standing there, watching the band, having a fine time, until i saw them. on a woman standing about 20 feet to my right. i attempted to surreptitiously look closer, wondering if what i thought i was seeing was in fact true. could she really be wearing? are those really?


jelly shoes.

and in the bathroom twenty minutes later, i saw another woman wearing them.

god help us all.


Miss B said...

I loved jelly shoes! But no way in hell would I wear them now at 28.

Kate said...


Heather said...

I saw someone wearing. them. to. work. With a button down blouse and a conservative skirt and hose. IEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Dewey said...

Ugh! I have never worn them, even back when everyone wore them. What are people thinking?

What do you think of Crocs?