Monday, July 23, 2007

when allergies attack.

it's worse than animals. seriously. can you die from sneezing? i'm starting to think so.

while i wait for the actifed to kick in and for sweet, sweet sleep to overtake me, i'll tell you about my little new york city trip this weekend.

we took the train up to manhattan, just for the night, to meet up with the Cat family and traipse about town. MomCat grew up in midtown manhattan and hadn't been back in about 20 years, so it was high time for a group outing in the bestest borough (sorry, all you BK-o-philes).

i was really looking forward to this trip, because it enabled me to cross off not one, but two things from my Life's To-Do List. they are both encapsulated in this picture:

(yes that is BoyCat with the big black circle for a head. funny how he shows up like that in all my blog-posted pictures! and yes, he is a longterm item on my Life's To-Do list. ha.)

but i digress - to the crossing off!

1) lunch at The Algonquin Hotel

really, what english major wouldn't jump at the chance to emulate one of the most famous literary phenomenons of the 20th century? being generally enamored with the 1920s in general, and with the literary work and personalities of the decade in particular, "the gonk" always seemed like a great destination. i just never got around to actually going there. until they posted an amazing room rate, and bam - we were on our way to eat and sleep there!

lunching, however, was the critical piece of my agenda. lunching, as a verb. and lunch we did. we even had a round table - shocking, that they would have so many in there now, right? and while we all certainly didn't attempt to over-exert ourselves in the wittiness department for the occasion (i should say it's because it would've seemed tacky and overwrought, but in reality i suspect it's just because SisterCat and i didn't have enough liquor in us yet), we still had a great time. for the record, i had french onion soup, and it was delicious.

2) hail a yellow cab in manhattan

any new yorkers that read this will think, seriously? a life goal? i've hailed 26,489 yellow cabs in my life! i know. but i hadn't hailed any. ever. and for some reason, i felt a burning desire to accomplish this relatively menial feat. and so i did.

not well, mind you, but i did. (those five-person cabs are hard to come by! and it's hard to see whether their lights are on during the day! but i make excuses. truthfully, i am a bad cab hailer.)

here are some other pics from the trip:

central park carousel

strawberry fields, central park

strawberry fields, close up

the new york public library. is this patience, or fortitude? you be the judge.

this, most definitely, is matilda, the gonk's resident cat. she just chills in the lobby all day. that is her chaise. yup.

this is a somewhat blurry and illicitly taken picture of the chapel at the back of st. patrick's on fifth ave. this is where my grandparents got married. well, married for the second time. it's a long story.

ok, it's time for medicinally-induced slumber. my favorite kind...


Mike said...

I've actually hailed 26,490 yellow taxis. However, I've never lunched at the Algonquin, so we're even.

Nicki Mann said...

Oh, I feel your pain about the allergies! Just about every night I take Benadryl, in hopes that I won't wake up sneezy and itchy eyed. When I have a serious allergy attack during the day, sometimes I resort to taking a Benadryl during the day... which is a hard choice to make, knowing its like pushing an "Off" button on my brain! Yay, my allergies are gone, but I'm out like a light! ;)