Monday, July 30, 2007

thing #2.

so, i've added a little section to my sidebar. under Elsewhere, you'll find other places where i be. that are not here. hence the "elsewhere." get it?

i knew you would.

the first is babes and books, of which you are all aware. i'm halfway to our goal, and given that we all wised up and realized that the end of summer isn't technically until september 22nd, i think i just might make it. and we've already got our next little challenge planned for the fall, so it looks like this will be an ongoing thing. so if you ever feel like hearing about babes who read things, well, you know where to go.

the second is feminist review, which is a site dedicated to reviewing a variety of products - music, movies, books, home goods, beauty products, art shows, concerts, you name it - from a feminist perspective. every month or so i do a little review over there (and i get to keep whatever i review! i am definitely not old or well off enough to be able to stifle my excitement about free stuff!), so feel free to check it out from time to time.


Toast said...

Are there any additional sites you hang out at that aren't under the suffocating blanket of the Matriarchy?

kate.d. said...

ha - well, there's yours, for one! but i'm just part of the peanut gallery over there, of course.

Toast said...

but i'm just part of the peanut gallery over there, of course.

Yeah, but at least you're one of the saltier nuts. ;-)