Wednesday, July 18, 2007

stuff you should see.

two linkeys i think you should clicky:

1) go take a look at Nothing But Red, an initiative started in response to joss whedon's call to action after dua khalil's murder (which, as you probably remember, moved me to put my thoughts together on the matter as well). they're accepting submissions for all kinds of art for the project.

2) check out planned parenthood action fund's videos of the Big 3 dem candidates as they preach to the alleged* choir on reproductive rights yesterday. (unfortunately, i've just discovered these are only minute long clips from the speeches - which is a woefully inadequate amount of information, but probably worth clicking on anyway. if just to give PP the traffic.) i didn't get a chance to go to any of them - no free time during the workday and no discretionary income will do that to you - but my bosses did, and you know i'll be picking their brains about ALL the details soon. i'll report back.

*i say alleged because i'm not aware of any feminist choir that likes to say things like "abortion should be safe, legal, and rare - and i mean rare!" in political speeches. i'm just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

I went and watched both Obama and Clinton. His speech was better, hers more realistic. Just my two cents. And she seems to be terrified of the "a" word - which really pisses me off (I feel a side tangent coming on . . .)

kate.d. said...

really? i heard that he was the one who didn't utter the word abortion once, while she did use it a few times and didn't seem to have trouble with it (i.e., that sort of "i'm taking a really deep breath and oh god i'm about to say that word!" inflection so many politicians can display).


Anonymous said...

Maybe not the actual word so much as the concept . . . What I mean is that she constantly talks about abortion as if it is this horrible plague on society that we allow only because we aren't doing better at other prevention. And while I agree that our unplanned pregnancy prevention efforts are lackluster to say the least, that doesn't mean that abortion is evil. Even in a perfect world where every single pregnancy was wanted, fetal anomalies and women with health complications and rape victims, etc, etc will still need access to abortion. It is part of a spectrum of care and it should not be pushed to a dark corner. I felt as though Obama spoke more to that spectrum - education, prevention, access to pregnancy termination. The end goal of sex ed and family planning is not, in my mind, the abolishment of any and all abortion. It is increasing the informed control women have over their own bodies. I hope I am making sense . . .