Monday, June 04, 2007

where was i?

how did i miss the news that last month tom brady was spotted out in new york city...wearing a yankees hat??

the horror. it renders me (nearly) speechless.

thank goodness he has issued an implicit, B-logo-based mea culpa this past weekend, but still. tommy, what is up? i don't care how many other actresses and supermodels you go on to date and/or impregnate, but for god's sake, have some decency!


Toast said...

Kate, Brady is a Yankees fan. How much can that "B" on his head mean when you know the sentiment isn't behind it?

Toast said...

Speaking of, here's a tidbit from today's NY Post:

"Notre Dame football coach Charlie Weis visited the Yankees’ clubhouse yesterday and spoke with Torre and Don Mattingly.

“I never met him before,” Torre said of Weis. “He is a really down to earth guy and a crazy Yankee fan. He told me when he was in New England he stood up and took the hit for the closet fans.”

We're everywhere, kate...