Wednesday, June 20, 2007

stuff. literally, my stuff.

as i rifled through my bag as i while walking out of my office building this afternoon, i was amused by the fact that it contained both a pair of sunglasses and an umbrella.

it's good to be readiness.

while the contents of my bag are not nearly as voluminous or as interesting as jack's, i thought i'd list them here, for both posterity and amusement. ok, just for amusement - in the future no one will ever care what i hauled around DC in my workbag except for me.

at this moment, my bag contains the following, in no particular order:

empty tupperware container
pair of brown sandals
cell phone
palm pilot case
pocket sized pack of tissues
mapquest printout of somewhere in maryland
CVS receipt - shampoo, neutrogena shave gel (for BoyCat), trail mix
COSI receipt - caesar salad
contact case
pay stub
post-it note with books to get at the library
new hairdresser's business card
post-it note with directions to a bar
green jelly bracelet won at an arcade on coney island
make-up: concealer, pressed powder, burt's bees lip gloss
peppermint tin (empty, tragically)
my business cards
band aids
band-aid blisterblock stick
nail file
sinu-tab allergy meds
actifed allergy meds
spare pair of contacts
three pens
two pairs of earrings
eleven cents in change

this list says something about my life, i am sure, other than that i am an injury-prone girl who has allergies. what exactly it says, i have no idea - in fact, i am sure i prefer it that way.


Toast said...

I want one of your business cards.

kate.d. said...

what, in case you ever need a women's issues grant writer? :)

i realized that i need a case for them, as even though they're in a small pocket of the bag, they still get dirty and busted up after awhile. then i thought, who really carries a business card case?? but i guess i will. better than giving someone a dirty business card!

jacket said...

When I got my master's degree, they gave me a "golden" business card case with the University's logo welded onto it. Though practical, I couldn't bare to use it because the pretentiousness of this cheaply made status symbol was just too much for me. I carry cards in my wallet. The one item common to both of our bags: tampons.
sisterhood is powerful.

Mike said...

A palm pilot case, but no palm pilot? Do you even have a palm pilot?
And two pairs of earrings?

kate.d. said...

ha. two pairs of earring is like one-fifth of my entire earring collection. i think i'm actually all the way into double digits! so grown-up.

and i actually do have a palm pilot, but i keep forgetting to unplug it from the charger in my office to bring it home. which indicates that it's not all that useful at home at this point. but maybe someday i'll be that important, right? :)