Monday, June 18, 2007

news bulletin that is not really news to anyone, especially me.

it is hot here.

after work, i walked four blocks from the columbia heights metro to a friend's house, and almost passed out. i don't think i'm cut out for these summers south of the mason-dixon. and there's how many more months to go?

also, twin peaks is so good. people, seriously. we are halfway through our summer viewing sessions - jason and i managed to amass about half a dozen other crazy people who wanted to see the series for the first time, or had only seen parts of it and wanted to go through the whole thing - and i kinda can't believe how crazy it was, and how it's so unbelievable that they put that shit on network tv! the FCC wouldn't let them get away with a quarter of that stuff today.

i guess that's why we have cable now, right? so instead of david lynch and dancing midgets, we have david chase and self-reflecting gangsters. though lynch, even with his own penchant for ambiguity, saw fit not to cut the final twin peaks scene mid-moment.

(i don't even watch the sopranos, but as i've told a number of people lately, i'm kinda obsessed with the ending and the controversy around it. i keep reading articles and debates and crackpot theories. i am convinced that a) tony did get whacked and b) the ending was brilliant. for what it's worth, coming from someone who's seen about three episodes of the show in total.)

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Jeanne said...

I totally agree with your take on the Sopranos ending. I didn't start watching it until last year (got the DVDs, one by one from Netflix, and then hubby and I decided to spring for HBO in April so we could watch the last episodes in real time.) I thought the ending was perfect, and I loved that it was somewhat ambiguous (I'm more or less in the "Tony got whacked" camp, but I was kind of glad we didn't see it happen.) To me, any other ending would have rung completely false.

My statistically insignificant, totally casual research seems to suggest that the people who strongly disliked the ending were the people who watched the series religiously from day one, enduring the many lengthy gaps between seasons, etc. I can see how someone might feel cheated after devoting so much time to something, but come on - it's a television show, after all. (A brilliant television show, but a television show nonetheless.)