Friday, April 06, 2007

pick up the receiver, i'll make you a believer.

at 12:15 this afternoon, i put in my two weeks notice.

i did this because half an hour earlier, i received a phone call from the head of development for a women's rights organization here in DC. and she offered me a job in her department. and a lot more money than i'm making right now.

so, i quit my current job. and i have a new one. an amazing one. an almost unimaginably ideal one. one that doesn't even quite feel real yet, because the perfectness of it all has yet to fully sink in.

people, this is why i have been a walking (and writing) embodiment of The Crazy for the past 30+ days. this is that annoyingly unbloggable stuff. but now, after a full month of interviewing and agonizing and chewing my fingernails to the quick (which, ok, i do regardless), i can tell you about it.

well, in a sense i can tell you about it. that sense is pretty much what i've just said. i've decided to go the overly way-├╝ber-cautious route and not provide any more identifying details about my new employer, and i certainly won't be blogging about any work-related stuff. the last thing i want to do is sabotage my dream job with my irritatingly self-absorbed ramblings! i also, as has been customary since i moved to DC, will not be blogging from work. ever. no matter how much the chicago tribune and/or manolo's shoe blogs tempt me. so, sad as it makes you, my internet peeps, you'll still only be hearing from me on evenings and weekends.

wow, that sounded really boring. like some kind of legal document or usage contract. so did i mention that i got a new job?? and a raise??? holy motherfrigging sweet baby jesus of incredibleness!

i can't even convey to you how excited i am. if i even attempted it, it would involve enough emoticons to choke a horse. and the written renditions of high-pitched squealing sounds. and no one likes those - not even me, the one making them. so suffice it to say, i am happy. very, very happy.

and thanks for putting up with me and my internet weirdness for the last month.


educand said...

Hey, hey, HEY!!! Congratulations!!!

(I sort of thought it might be something like that.)

I'm so happy for you. I'm sure you and they will be a winning combination.

Toast said...

Congratulations! I'm very, very happy for you. Oh, to work at a job you love for a cause you believe in. (sigh) You rock.

DancingFish said...

Congrats! More love for your work AND a raise- sounds amazing!

dorothy rothschild said...

Wheehaw! Congrats, Kate.

Cinnamon said...

Holy canoli! Yay for the good news, and the dancing, and the ability to buy more wine that goes along with the knowledge that you might not need it.

Kate said...

Woo hoo!! That's great news, Kate. Congratulations!