Wednesday, April 11, 2007

observed, today.

on the walk from work to the metro:

two yellow gummy bears, about a foot apart, lying on the cobblestone by a lamp post.

i like to pretend that this is some sort of sign from above. but...

*pauses for dramatic effect*

what could it mean?

that i will one day be mauled by a bear - near a post of some kind? that someone i know will soon bear asian twins? that i'm eating too much sugar?

so many possibilities.


jacket said...

First, I love the pun about "bear"ing twins. Ha! Perhaps these yella fellas are some kind of sign about dopplegangers. It's good that these bears were a foot apart because it is said that if the two identical halves of a doppleganger pair should meet, then they will both perish. Yikes!

kate.d. said...

jacket, i love nothing if not bad puns.

and doppelgangers! how interesting! i should be on the look out for mine, maybe.

and between owls and doppelgangers, i think you should definitely undertake a twin peaks viewing at some point. it's a big commitment - 31 episodes, i think? - but it's ripe with crazy, engaging, ripe-for-analysis stuff. it's been about three years since i watched the series, and i still find myself thinking about it sometimes!