Monday, April 30, 2007

hmmm. and they wonder why us volvo-driving, latte-sipping eco-crunchy bleeding heart liberals mock them.

i am aware that by this point in time, making fun of NASCAR and its fans has something of a sad sheen to it - a violation of PC "diversity" ideals combined with the shame of picking the low-hanging humor fruit. it's just too easy, and it's kinda not nice to boot.

but whatever. because really? fans throwing beer cans onto the track is bad enough. throwing them in such en masse numbers as to warrant a front page Yahoo! story is worse. and doing it at the venue for which talladega nights: the ballad of ricky bobby is named? well, i don't know what kind of self-restraint you think us new england liberals have, but it's not *that* much.

christ. what's next? cans of skoal and ratty old confederate flag adorned tank tops? because that'd cover the triumvirate of your Stereotypical Hickness. so, think about it, if that's where you're aiming to go with this. until then, we'll be around, snickering behind our hands at your "sport" and its, um, unique displays of fandom.


hetherjw said...

I used to work in a bar in Ohio and during NASCAR races the final few laps were always a time to duck and cover as full 23-oz glasses of beer were often thrown at the projection screens.

This is 1) something I will never understand and 2) a reason I am glad I left Ohio.

fridge said...

All I have to add is that you can buy an extra seat in the stands for your cooler and that coolers that don't fit between your legs require you doing so. So, these folks are pretty well armed to chuck crap at Jeff Gordon. And he is a true Girly man, unworthy of breaking any of the Intimidators marks.

Actually, I really enjoyed the time I went to a Nascar event. It was pretty awesome, at least as cool as a pro football game or pro baseball game, if not more so.