Friday, April 20, 2007

friday cat blogging, last day edition.

as in, last day at my old job! wahoo!

as you can see, CatCat is ecstatic.

and the excitement continues, because i am soon off to the airport to fetch SisterCat, who is here for a three-day weekend visit! i have stocked the house with various types of booze in preparation. there are not many occasions in life that warrant purchasing champagne; the last day on the job and the arrival of a sister in town is indeed one of them.

so blogging will be light this weekend (unless SisterCat decides to take the mike - and that could be interesting). bask in the sunshine. go for a walk. drink something (outside). enjoy yourselves!

1 comment:

htw said...

what a beautiful kitty cat! the little white geisha face is similar to my little Binky :)