Wednesday, April 04, 2007

and a picture.

this got me near hysterics the other day while i was at the office. this was a problem, as i work in a cubicle. i have never fought so hard in my life not to just lose it and laugh uncontrollably, you know, in that "holy shit i'm cracking up and i can't stop and now i'm cracking up more" kinda way.

this says something about my mental state as of late, i think.


Kate said...

I share an office, so your picture made me do a muffled-giggles kind of thing. Love it!

kate.d. said...

and i'm still trying to figure out what he's old washing machine??

Toast said...

That's fucking awesome. Cats are so goddamned cool.

fridge said...

That's definitely a washing machine.

Someone should close the lid and turn it on.