Thursday, March 29, 2007

the stuff of nightmares. truly.

this is a lunatic week, peeps. lunatic. an ongoing (and still maddeningly unnamed) stressor, a big work event yesterday (13 hour workdays! are great!), the beginnings of a freelance project, plus the basics of oh, feeding and cleaning myself without having a nervous breakdown have resulted in a light week of blogging.

(i kinda hate talking about blogging on the blog? you know? it's kinda lame, in a too-pomo, overly self-referential way. yes, it is.)

i wish i had the etymology of "lunatic" easily accessible right now. because it has something to do with the moon, obviously. but now, after writing the word a few minutes ago, i really want to know the details.

can i tell you about the search term that showed up in my stat counter yesterday? ok, good, because it's extra horrifying. i checked my visitor stats and found the following phrase that directed someone to my blog:

pantyhose and crocs.

what? what?? i have so many questions. for one, do you mean wearing pantyhose and crocs simultaneously? i kinda have to assume that you must mean that, given the "and" in your search terms. this leads to directly to another question, which is why, in the name of all that is reasonable and just, would you even think about combining these two phenomenon? pantyhose are bad enough. crocs are bad enough. but together?? that reaches a level of fashion abomination that defies language.

as i was pondering this repugnant lower-body combination on the train ride home today (what can i say, i am a masochist), i played a mini-version of the "would you rather?" game with myself. the question was, "would you rather wear open-toed sandals with pantyhose, or wear crocs with pantyhose?" and really, after about five minutes of pondering this, i realized it was like a bizarro sophie's choice. i truly cannot say what i would do, because the idea of having to choose between those options is just too horrible for the rational brain to bear.

wow, look at that, i got on an actual topic for a whole three paragraphs there. it was crocs, but regardless. i'm impressed.

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