Friday, March 02, 2007

friday cat blogging, the "stuff juvenile comedy is made of" edition.

ok. this is totally gross, but when it happened earlier, BoyCat said, “you’ve got to friday cat blog this!” honestly, i couldn’t disagree. so here it is.

this is a blurry picture of CatCat, actively hanging her head in shame, about ten minutes after she pooped on the carpet.

what?? yes. she did.

and don’t go all humane society on me – she didn’t actually take an active poo on the carpet, which would obviously be indicative of something being wrong. no, she was on her way out of the bathroom (evidently after using the facilities, as that’s the only reason she ever goes in there – that and to hide from the vacuum cleaner), walking through the bedroom, and all of a sudden i hear BoyCat say, “awww, CatCat!”, and she gallops away under the dining room table. i crane my head around the bedroom door frame and see the offense – a single piece of kitty poop on the carpet.

ewwww! CatCat!

apparently she needs a refresher course in “making sure you’re finished before you leave the lavatory.” poor thing. she stayed under the table and licked her butt for ages. i think that’s penance enough, right? well, plus this little bit of internet humiliation.

but it could be worse! BoyCat said he wished i had taken a picture of the poo for this post. now even i, delighter in embarrassing anecdotes preferably with photo evidence, found this sentiment to be over the line of acceptable feline mortification. and i’m sure you’re all better off for it.


jayniek said...

jason and i agree that boycat is in the right here. the audience demands to see the poo.

Heather said...

Yeah -- I gotta go with you on this one. No need to see the cat poo in question. I seeenough of it in my own cats' litter box. Hehe. Poor CatCat. How humiliating.