Sunday, March 04, 2007

and he named him judas? really??

we are totally watching that jesus show tonight. if it smacks of blasphemy, you know BoyCat and i are there.

apparently there is also a follow-up special, hosted by ted koppel, called a critical look airing right after the show. this, i think, raises the pertinent question: is there nothing critical in the two-hour investigation that comes before it? given that the filmmakers are implying that they may have found the tomb of "the artist previously known as ascended" jesus, and that this tomb bears evidence of a bloodline, i would like to think that they would attempt to address potential criticism of such allegations within their 120 minute presentation!

but then again, it is james cameron, so you never know.

(awww, that's not fair. sorry james. i'm one of the few people who will nowadays actually admit to liking titanic, for whatever that's worth. and kudos to you for lobbing some hand grenades at christianity, as fluff-filled and profit-driven as they may be.)


Toast said...

kate, if Ted Koppel doesn't stand up for the unpopular and rarely defended notion that Jesus actually rose from the dead three days after his execution, who will?

dorothy rothschild said...

I watched the special (I'm also so there if blasphemy is involved), but was too tired (I am old) to stay up for the Koppel program.

Anything fun happen?

kate.d. said...

no, nothing fun in the special - we watched about 20 minutes and then headed for bed. so i guess there could've been fisticuffs later on, but i wouldn't know :)

koppel was pretty annoying though. at one point, he essentiall said to the director, "now, you know by including all those expensive re-enactments, you lend these scenarios more power than they might have otherwise had." i was like, ted koppel, do you think we're all five years old?? if there's anyone out there who finds themselves MORE convinced of an argument by a fucking re-enactment, they're an idiot to begin with.