Saturday, February 10, 2007

yes to unions.

more on marriage later today, for certain, but before i head to the gym i wanted to post quickly about an email i got yesterday from my friend dan. i'm actually going to paste the email here verbatim, and i encourage everyone to do what they can to support these reporters as they fight for their right to unionize.


In case you haven't been following it, the Santa Barbara News Press has been in the midst of a hellish labor battle, with the snake-of-an-owner firing a majority of the staff and refusing to recognize a legitimate vote to unionize. Well, this week it got real bad. The owner fired six reporters for a union action -- including two people from my very first newsroom, Rob Kuznia and Melissa Evans.

These folks are in some dire economic straits and need some help. Supportive readers have set up a "Journalist Loan Fund" to help keep these reporters on their feet the until they can find new work or their dismissals get overturned by the NLRB (a distinct possibility). Any donations would be tremendously appreciated. Please send this on to anybody you think may be sympathetic.

For more information, visit Editor & Publisher or the reporters' site.

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