Sunday, February 11, 2007

it's candy. it's fried. it's unbelievable.

ok, i never had any inclination to try one of those deep-fried candy bars before. because really? it just seemed like too much. i have a sweet-and-fattening limit, and i thought this concoction exceeded it.

oh, how wrong i was.

BoyCat and i just got back from a fish and chips shop in old town alexandria, which we needed to try because they had deep-friend sausage, a staple of BoyCat's semester in dublin. he got his sausage, i had fish and chips, and all was well. but we couldn't really walk out of there without trying a deep-friend snickers bar, too.

honestly, i don't know if i have had a bite of anything that amazingly delicious in my whole life. BoyCat described it as "a churro with a candy bar inside," and that is exactly what it was like. i restrained myself and only had two bites of it, but then we were driving home, and BoyCat looked over and said "you want another one, don't you?" and i said, "yeah."

of course i didn't have another one, but truly, i could have. two or three, probably. if you've never tasted one of these things, put it on your life's to-do list. i had no idea what i was missing.


Miss Browneyedgirlie said...

Ah, deep fried Snickers...

I had one for the first time over the summer while visiting a friend in Iowa. We went to the State Fair. I had mine with powdered sugar on top. They also had some type of glaze.

And deep fried Twinkies, too.

Those are next on my list.

Mmmmm Mmmmmm Good...

jayniek said...

know what puzzles me? deep fried coke? i just don't get it. i picture a can covered in fried dough, which is likely wrong.

Heather said...

I would scoff, but this summer I had a deep fried twinkie, and it was pretty heavenly. I wish I had never tried it and could continue to scoff with impunity.