Wednesday, January 03, 2007

your love gives me such a thrill. but it won't pay my bills. i want money.

BoyCat and i are doing this thing where we see how much money we spend. which will be fun, if your understanding of fun is anything that's massively anxiety-inducing and fraught with relationship peril.

you know most married couples get divorced over money. money! you'd think it was the lying, the infidelity, the abuse, the poopy diapers, or just the love-suffocating, soul-destroying monotony of it all - but no, it's the money.

not that we're getting a divorce. don't worry.

but we thought, what with being in a new city and having to work up a new budget based on new salaries and everything being NEW, that this would be a good time to try out the little exercise. you know, the one where you keep track of every penny you spend in a month by dropping all your receipts, payments, etc into a little jar on the kitchen counter. instead of a jar we have a margarita pitcher, but i think it will do the job just fine.

and when it's over, i can fill it with that sweet, frozen anxiety-killer while i try to figure out what the hell we're doing wrong!


Toast said...

I strongly recommend Intuit's Quicken, if you aren't already using it. Which it sounds like you're not.

Mike said...

We started keeping tabs of our monthly spending a few months ago, after implementing some hard-core budgeting over the summer.

Seeing -- in writing -- what you spend each month, and on what, is HORRIFYING.

Cinnamon said...

When we decided to buy a place, I went through all our bank/credit card statements and was appalled. It was disheartening to see how much money I wasted on crap and eating out and just nothing. But it also made me realize that I wanted a home more than I wanted that stuff, so it was easier to give up because I knew what I was getting for my sacrifice. Good luck, but get ready to drink those margaritas.

Tata said...

Dahhhhhlink, you have it backwards! This is fun-fun-fun! You will discover you have more money than you think, which is GREAT. Can we agree? More money = GREAT. It becomes a game. And you win!