Sunday, January 21, 2007

a two minutes search.

please go and read this post by educand. anyone who is reading this, please go read that. it's important to me that you do.

educand is pondering the reasons for writing posts like this, when one knows not that many people will read them. i have to thank educand for doing it, for reminding me, and for keeping a light on this, however small. we should all do as much, every day, if not more, because nothing changes if we don't keep speaking up.

so thanks.


educand said...

Wow. Thanks very much for the shout-out. I'm glad the post was meaningful to you.

caroline said...

I came across your blog a while ago and have been shamelessly lurking and reading for a while. I can't thank you enough for posting this -- it captures the complexity and magnitude of the problem in a way it's so easy to forget, even for survivors. Thanks so much.

kate.d. said...

thanks for saying hi and for reading, caroline :) and props really go to educand for making the effort to put together that great post.