Wednesday, January 24, 2007

freudian slip, or just his par for the course bad public speaking? you decide.

did anyone else notice, toward the end of the president's state of the union address while he defended the troop escalation, this little moment:

"chaos is the gr...chaos is their greatest ally in this struggle."

hmmm. interesting. "chaos is the greatest ally in this struggle." for the bush administration's interest in consolidating power and keeping a cowed american populace afraid, uncertain, and compliant? sounds about right.

i'm just sayin'. hey, we all slip up sometimes.


Roni said...

It's the first time that I've seen him that nervous...I'll chalk it up to bad speaking.

DIdya catch the whole "as long as there are people out there wanting to kill us, we're at war?" line? The never-ending war, eh?

dorothy rothschild said...

Y'all are stronger people than I am. I can't stand to watch him speak, not even for two seconds. I start screaming and frantically pushing buttons on the remote.
So I spared myself. I guess that makes me not a very good citizen, but I figure mental health takes precedence.