Thursday, January 25, 2007

does it bother anyone else...

...when people wear pendant necklaces under their turtlenecks, and pull out the pendant part so it hangs over the top of the turtleneck?

...when other people can fit into citizens jeans, and you can't, even though you'd pay the highway robbery pricetag if you could actually fit into them?

...when over half of your workday is spent watching powerpoint presentations?

...when your lips stay chapped, no matter how much chapstick or aquaphor or vaseline you put on them?

...when you're on the train, trying to mind your own business and listen to your iPod, but end up having to listen to the middle-aged businessman feebly trying to hit on the 20-something PR assistant sitting across from him?

...when you try incredibly hard to get up gracefully from the leg lift machine at the gym, and end up whaling your knee on a big metal joint anyway? and then when you hop around the circuit machine area in pain, looking like an idiot, silently mouthing "ow! owwww!" in a futile attempt to minimize your idiot-ness?

yeah, me too.


Roni said...

Even from DC you're slamming my fashion sense! Thankfully today's necklace is long enough to wear around my turtleneck and not just peeking out. :P

nadia said...

EEEWWWW!!!! on the turtleneck thing. It REALLY bothers me.
Citizens jeans, any jeans... can't really fit 'em. I'm exaggerating, but still, yeah, it bothers me too.

You know what REALLY bothers me? Listening to OTHER people's ipod over my own, because I don't wanna blast mine, so I can still hear something 10 years from now.

Kate said...

i am with you on ALL of those. yuck!

FINY said...

Oooh, can I add to the list that apparently my downstairs neighbor has left for vacation but somehow managed to leave his stereo on? So now I get to hear the bass line of his classical music talk radio station all day and night for the last 4 days! (Nadia's ipod comment made me think of that ... I HATE when people do that!)