Wednesday, December 20, 2006

you can never escape, you can only move south down the coast.

there is (and was) no escaping involved in my move down the coast, but i always just kinda liked that line. bonus points if you can name the song. (and by bonus points, of course i mean a signed picture of CatCat. i still owe Jaynie K one.)

tomorrow morning we depart for dulles airport, and with a little bit of luck we'll touch down at logan a few hours later. blogging will be light for a week, while i do my damnedest to relax and regroup from the past two months.

see, i'm not even sure where to put commas anymore. before the "while"? or not? i think not, but i feel worse about the sentence without it.

commas. death by commas, a grantwriter's fate will be.


Lola Mason said...

The song is Mrs. Potter's Lullabye. I win!! Now if CatCat could make that picture out to certain Siamese he would appreciate it. He says, "To the most beautiful cat in the world," will do just fine.

jayniek said...

lola, lola, too quick you are.

i was already all "HEY...MRS....POTTER...WON'T YOU TALK. TO. ME!" when I saw the headline in my google reader.

on a sidenote, "there's a piece of maria in every song that i sing..." is one of my favorite CC lines ever.

on another sidenote, i like that sentence better with the comma. good choice.

also, i expect that picture. the spot above my mantel is waiting.

Jared Goralnick said...

Oh, josephne88, I so wanted to answer that first..but alas I'm way behind on my RSS.

I hope you have an awesome trip home.

Toast said...

Merry X-Mas to kate and her coterie of cats, both feline and otherwise.