Friday, December 08, 2006

friday cat blogging, "i'm a wussy baby" edition.

the wussy baby referred to in the post title is actually me, not CatCat. although i guess she is a wussy baby, too, as that is the phrase i thought of while planning to post this picture.

as for myself, BoyCat called me a wussy baby today over email, because i wrote to tell him that i was going out for a drink - one drink, really, seriously, just *one* - after work. he told me i was a wussy baby, and didn't i mean one thousand drinks?

i said, ok, maybe two.

for the record, it turned out to be three.

but now, without further ado, the other wussy baby:

yes, that is CatCat, hiding from the vacuum cleaner in the bathtub. apparently, she has it in her head that the vacuum cleaner would never go in the bathtub. she's actually right. but really, she's still a wussy baby.

1 comment:

educand said...

Aw, but what a cutie. My Frick and Frack don't know how good they have it - all hardwood floors and I put the throw rugs in the washing machine. I don't even own a vacuum cleaner. Spoiled brats.