Tuesday, November 07, 2006

some wine, some popcorn, and an electoral map.

it's election night, friends. and as much as i know that real "results" will probably not be available until tomorrow, or perhaps later (hey, that's a 21st century election for you!), i still can't help but tune the tv to msnbc and leave it there. i am trying to tough it out on HGTV right now ("what you get for the money" in manhattan is - surprise - not much), but soon i will give in and click over to to the babbling punditry and their obnoxious whiteboards. god, i really can't stand both tim russert and chris matthews, but i'll have them in my living room for the next 4 hours anyway. i have a definite streak of masochism in me when it comes to this stuff.

so, hoping against hope, i will wait and watch for a democratic deluge. i will hope even harder that if that wish comes true, that the dems will know what the hell to do with it.

update: congrats to deval patrick, the first black governor of massachusetts. yes, it is 2006, believe it or not. also, congrats to nancy pelosi, the first woman speaker of the house. holy crap, what happened to all the white men in the place?

oh right, they're still the overwhelming majority in government!

but still, it's cool.

update 2: oh my god, the senate is still in play. i went to sleep five hours ago, expecting that one of the three senate races would go republican and it'd be over. looks like they only definitively decided one race, missouri, and that went democrat. according to cnn.com, the dems in the other two races are technically ahead.

holy mother, do i really dare to dream? or will a recount once again make me hurl inanimate objects against the wall? we'll see.

(oh yeah, and thanks to south dakota for rejecting the abortion ban and letting common sense and women's rights win the day for once.)


educand said...

You know, there's all this hoopla about Hillary Clinton - why doesn't anyone ever talk about Nancy Pelosi running for president? I'd vote for her.

Anonymous said...

I love the updates. I went to bed early because I couldn't take it, then I just lay there listening to the faint sound of the TV because TD was still up. Gah!