Sunday, November 19, 2006

be careful what you wish for.

as much as it pains me to end this post title with a preposition and a period, well, that about sums it up.

if i'm being melodramatic, that is. which i am.

so we got our new laptop yesterday, an event that should have resulted in much cheering and leaping about. and it did, for a little while. then we tried to get our wireless router to work.

i can't even talk about it. suffice to say, a router that worked fine in chicago does not work in DC, despite two hours on the phone with tech support in india. then today, i tried to start tackling a giant work project, only to discover that dell had sent me an outdated version of microsoft word. this is after i paid extra just for the privlege of having microsoft word on the damn thing. i only discovered this through the sage wisdom of my friend jared, who, while unable to prevent the two hours of hair-pulling-out prior to talking with me, has saved me countless hours of wailing and gnashing of teeth with this information. for this, i thank him. and for potentially helping me get my hands on Office 2003, i thank him even more.

long story short, technology cuffed me upside the head and kicked me in the shins this weekend. so i'm going to stop composing this post right now, lest the computer burst into flames.

and c'mon, you know it happens. you've seen the video on youtube.


educand said...

Cinnamon just posted about technical difficulties, too. Perhaps it is Mercury in retrograde that's causing the problems?

Jared Goralnick said...

Sorry about your computer woes, Kate. After Thanksgiving I'll swing by and we'll patch you up real-good. Thanks for all your help of late, too!

kate.d. said...

jared, we will ply you with cocktails and cash money if need be! i would love for you to come out and help get us back on track computer-wise.

we shall make plans for after t-day. then you can see our fake tree from target and everything!